Sports Injury

Sports Injury Chiropractic Care in Canton, OH

Children, adolescents, and adults alike take pride in their sports performance. But, accidents can happen during the game, and even a simple workout can damage muscle tissue. Not all sports injuries are critical, but they can become critical if the right care isn’t taken.

Here at Brechbill Chiropractic in Canton, OH, we take care of clients of all ages. Whether you’re a recreational player or an elite athlete, we’re here to support you.

Sports Injury

The Modern Sports Injury

Sports have changed, and so have workout routines. Between low-resistance, high-repetition workouts and compound lifts, it’s easy to strain your muscles and ligaments without realizing it. Some sports injuries are “acute injuries” which are sudden tissue damages.

Others are “chronic injuries”, which accompany overuse conditions like tendinitis. These injuries are subtle, so it’s a good idea to understand their warning signs.

Indications of Sports Injuries

If you’re not sure whether you’re facing some day-to-day strain or a serious issue, you’ll need to check for the following symptoms:

Joint Tenderness

Joint tenderness can indicate deep tissue irritation. If your joints flare up when pressure is applied, your immune system might not be taking care of the injury. Swelling exists as effusion, which is joint swelling; edema, which is soft tissue swelling; and hematoma, which is swelling caused by soft tissue swelling.

In any of these cases, it’s a good idea to limit the area’s movements. Let your body heal, and let it respond to a chiropractor’s recommendations. Over time, your body's natural healing abilities will buffer it from future injuries.

Spotting the Uncommon Symptoms

It’s possible you’re not aware of the above-mentioned tissue damages. If you’ve experienced tingling or numbness, however, you might have minor nerve damage. Redness, too, can indicate deeper issues like allergy, abrasion or even infection.

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Sports injuries come in all shapes and sizes. To prevent long-term damage, ask your medical provider about the best exercise routines which preserve mobility and strength. It’s possible to gain lean muscle mass without engaging strenuous workouts. Likewise, it’s possible to reconnect with your body’s lost mobility if you’ve suffered from an injury.

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